My name is Kasia. I am the founder of Plante, which is the result of my interest in cooking.

My passion comes from the desire to diversify – looking for new flavours and providing my family and myself with healthy and wholesome meals.

I am the fourth generation of women in my family that cooks for others. Interestingly, neither of us was a trained cook. Cooking was natural as we all grew up in a place and time without any takeaways. Experience over the years, simple tips and recipes passed down through the generations have played a significant role. My grandmother and mother cooked instinctively with great sensitivity to various flavours. They were very attached to the “zero waste” philosophy, although no one called it back then.

I chose the plant-based cousin. I find it as a way of respecting and being closer to nature. This feeling brings me endless satisfaction.

Winning Gold with Blas at hEireann strengthened my sense of being on the right track and gave me greater confidence in progressing in this direction.

I have a few more interests. I have always been interested in the world and people. I love to travel, meet interesting people and their works, read books, and stare at the sea.

PLANTE gold 2021

As I appreciate contact with nature, I live with my family in coastal Tramore. We truly admire this place! Nothing is more fun than having a picnic or walking with my boys on one of the local beaches. These little things make me feel happy.